Simple Morning Hacks to Kick off the Day

I noticed myself that when I have a really solid morning routine, the day is much much easier to handle.

Having a solid morning routine took me some time, and I have certainly had days where I have fallen off the course, or overslept and missed my routine entirely. The thing I have noticed though, is that when do miss aspects of my morning routine, I feel a little bit “off” all day, and when I follow my routine with fidelity, not much can throw me off.

One thing that I always do is set aside 32 ounces of deionized water with a half a lemon squeezed in it the night before. I put this water right on the counter in the bathroom so it is the first thing I see when I wake up.

I wake up, use my tongue scraper, brush my teeth, splash water on my face and down the water to rehydrate from the previous nights sleep.

Another really helpful morning ritual I have adopted over the years is that even before my feet hit the ground:

I take a moment to notice everything around me that I am grateful for. I lay in bed and run through a list of how lucky I am, that I have a roof over my head, that I am warm, that I have a kind hearted daughter snuggling beside me, that I am healthy and strong, and the list goes on. I take a moment to breath in and feel that gratitude wash over me before I set off on my day.

After taking care of my basic morning routine, I head downstairs to start water for tea, or sometimes coffee, and I write my morning pages. This is 30 minutes or 3 pages of stream of consciousness writing. The morning pages has changed my life, without exaggeration. Seriously, try it out. You don’t have to think about what you are writing or get precious with it, and you throw them out after you are done, it’s just basically a brain dump. Morning pages have made me more creative, more able to face challenges, more honest with myself and others, and way more ready to take on the day.

After morning pages, it’s time for some yoga and meditation. Even if I can just squeeze in a 5 minute guided meditation with an app like insight timer, that little moment can make a huge positive impact in my day.

Next I pack my lunch (either set up and ready from the night before), or I chop up all of my vegetables for a large salad to enjoy for lunch. When I am making my salad and the dressing, I am sure to be fully present and thankful for all of the food. Pro tip: I cut up cucumbers ahead of time and keep them in glass container, this cuts down on some prep time as well.

Notice I have still not gone on my phone, looked at emails, checked my text messages, or gone on social media. I do not do any of that until I am well into my commute to my job. I drive to the ferry listening to a podcast halfway through the drive, the first 20 minutes is silent thinking time, and then once I am on the ferry I may choose to check my messages or hop onto my email.

This simple act of setting aside time for myself, and not allowing anyone else and their potential problems, issues or needs take over my morning has been transformational. From beginning to end, my morning routine only takes about an hour, although I could always extend it longer with a long yoga practice or more time seated.

I hope you find these simple tips helpful, is there anything you do in the morning that helps you have an amazing day? Let me know in the comments below!